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Meet Wes Acker - The Meatless Butcher

My name is Wes, I’m The Meatless Butcher.

As a chef, and steak lover – transitioning to a plant-based diet was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. My entire life has been surrounded by food and it wasn’t easy removing meat from my plate.

I never could have done it without becoming a Meatless Butcher.

All of your favorites made with love and infused with integrity: Burgers, Steaks, Tacos, Hotdogs, Chili, Meatballs and more – all made from the best stuff on earth, organic plants.

Taste the love. Spread there love.

Cheers to a happier healthier future for us, the planet, and the animals.

~ Wes


Meatless Butcher Box